Round table discussion was held at State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia on October 5 aimed at development of inclusive higher professional education. The topic of the discussion was “Inclusive Teaching and Assessment”.

During the discussion the faculty of SAFAA distinguished the main issues connected to the inclusive higher education, sorted out the vulnerable groups of students having special needs, as well as discussed the ways and methods to make higher education much more affordable for everyone. The participants of the round table offered to make some institutional changes, including;

  • redefinition of responsibilities,
  • organization of trainings for SAFAA faculty and staff,
  • reallocation of budget.

It should be noted, that SAFAA has developed documentary base connected to the inclusive higher education. In its Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 Academy mentioned the importance of inclusiveness and planned the relevant activities for the development of inclusive higher education. Besides, SAFAA has designed “Policy on Inclusive Higher Education” that will contribute to the formation and dissemination of inclusive culture at Academy.


Within the framework of INCLUSION project working groups have already started the development of National Guideline for Inclusive Education and Guideline for Inclusive Approaches to Teaching and Learning, which should be on state level.

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