Articles on Inclusion

As a part of dissemination strategy adopted by INCLUSION consortium, all partner institutions took responsibility of sharing the best practice, activities and events within the project among the staff, faculty, students and other stakeholder through updating the information on the institution web-site. A series of articles and information were prepared and disseminated through the web-site news rooms. Number of links to these articles can be found below:


Article on launch of E+ Inclusion:

Article on kick- off meeting at AUA:

Article on workshop in Leuven:

Article on training at AUA:

Article on UoR:

Article on round table at UNT:

Article on E+Inclusion project:

SAFAA students getting familiar with INCLUSION:

Article on round table at SAFAA:

Article on monitoring at SAFAA:

Article on training at AUA:

Article on dissemination conference:

Article on training in Belgium:

Link to Facebook page: