• To ensure the project achievements and outcomes are visible and have their impact on further activities a consolidated sustainability plan was developed as recommended by EACEA, Brussels. All partner HEIs contributed to the preparation of the document introducing the main activities to be carried out after the implementation of the project.
  • All 4 partner HEI boards approved the policies on inclusive education. As a result the HEIs are obliged to implement the activities highlighted in the master plans.
  • The ministries from both countries took the responsibilities of sharing the Guidelines on Inclusive Education among other institutions as acknowledgement.
  • Another step to ensure the sustainability of the project was the organization of in-house trainings and discussions with other staff members at all 4 HEIs with the aim to engage more faculty members in inclusive teaching.
  • Purchase of the specialized equipment was done at 4 HEIs. The equipment was introduced to the staff and students to be used after the completion of the project too.


Developments/major deliverables: