A 2-day workshop was organized within ERASMUS + INCLUSION project on July 9-10 to finalize the methodology toolkit on inclusive teaching and learning. Hosted by University of Graz, the consortium discussed the guidelines on inclusive education.

University of Graz invited a guest speaker, who represented the best practice, including the most recent tools/e-didactic and resources for ensuring inclusive education. Representatives from Armenian and Bosnian ministries briefly introduced the ways the national guidelines on inclusive teaching and learning should be circulated among other universities/stakeholders. Consortium members summarized the pilot teaching sessions held in partner institutions on inclusive education, representing the ways for ensuring the further use of inclusive methods. The first day ended with a discussion on self-evaluation reports to be conducted by each consortium partner.

The second day workshop was mainly focused on inclusive teaching and learning methodology toolkit, outlining the further steps to work with high schools to ensure better transition of students to universities. Armenian and Bosnian consortium members outlined activities for awareness raising campaign to be implemented for the academic communities in the respective countries.

State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, as a coordinating institution, conducted coordination meeting discussing project’s overall management, the first draft of the final conference meeting and dissemination strategy. The management team also represented the requirements for the final report.

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