Local meeting was held within INCLUSION project in Yerevan, Armenia on July 23. Armenian partners of the consortium gathered at AUA to discuss the activities to be done before the vacations.

Being the coordinating institution, State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, presented the report received from EACEA office in Belgium. The consortium members discussed the weak points of the project highlighted in the report and made some suggestions for the feedback. As a leader of Work package 4, American University in Armenia had a short presentation of the WP.

SAFAA and AUA looked through the equipment to be purchased within the project. They discussed the list with representatives from UNISON and MoES to get feedback for finalization.

The Armenian partners also discussed the design of national guideline. They have decided to have inter-institutional working team who would work on guideline, and have a working group on national level composed of all Armenian partners of E+ Inclusion project, who would meet periodically and discuss the development of guideline.

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