Armenian partners of INCLUSION project gathered at American University in Armenia on April 16 to discuss the upcoming events to be carried out within the project.

AUA, being responsible for development of “Toolkit for Inclusive Teaching and Learning for High School Teachers”, shortly represented the draft of the document with a feedback received from the European partners. State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia also provided feedback to the toolkit for further development. Armenian partners organized also Skype meeting with Bosnian colleagues on development of toolkit. Both countries set deadlines for the initial variants of the document to be published and disseminated during the training with high school teachers.

Armenian team of INCLUSION project also discussed organizational issues connected with the training for high school teachers on inclusive teaching, learning and assessment methodology to be held on April 29 and 30. Partners looked through the agenda and made some comments.

P.S A 2-day training is organized by INCLUSION project team for high school teachers in Armenia. The training is dedicated to the dissemination of “inclusive” culture and inclusive methods of teaching, learning and assessment at high schools. During the training the “National Guideline on Inclusive Higher Education”, “Guidelines for Inclusive Learning and Teaching in High Schools and Universities” and Toolkit for Inclusive Teaching and Learning for High School Teachers should be represented.

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