Local meeting was held within INCLUSION project in Yerevan, Armenia on November 1. Armenian partners of the consortium gathered at AUA to summarize the activities that have been already done and discuss the implementation of the upcoming activities.

State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, being the coordinator of the project, shortly presented the current state of INCLUSION project implementation highlighting the main activities to be carried out and documents to be developed.

The main task for the Armenian consortium is to develop national guideline on inclusive higher education in the Republic of Armenia. So, the Armenian partners of the consortium had a Skype meeting with Susanna Karakhanyan, INCLUSION project coordinator, who gave some advice connected to the development of national guideline. The main suggestion was to develop a document that can be useful not only for the project member universities, but also for other universities at RA, that is to provide broader perspective on how to consider inclusive education in universities’ strategies.

The Armenian partners also discussed technical issues connected to the upcoming training that is to be held in Yerevan on November 29-30. The training will be conducted by INCLUSION project partner from Roehampton University.


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