INCLUSION training was held in Armenia

Two-day training was held in Armenia. Hosted by AUA INCLUSION consortium members gathered to
discuss the activities conducted since the Kick-off meeting in December 2016. Those activities mainly
refer to the fact-findings and literature review conducted by the consortium AM and BiH Partenrs.
Armenian and BiH partners briefly presented their perspectives on inclusion and fact-finding results.
Short reports followed by UNISON and SMOC reflecting on the literature review and main challenges
on inclusion in the respective countries.
Students from both countries have opportunities to reflect and present their ideas on the issues of
inclusiveness. They emphasized the needs at their home institutions and proposed solutions to the
HEIs to support the students from the underrepresented groups. Their contribution was highly
appreciated and they got certificates from the host and coordinating institutions.
The second day of the meeting was mainly focused on the presentation of the good practice and tools
on developing social dimension strategies in higher education. The workshop in the form of World Café
helped both the facilitators and the participants to discuss and present ideas for further developments.
Next, WP2 and WP5 were presented by the lead partners – UoR and WUS. The major activities and
further steps were outlined.
The final phase of the meeting was devoted to the Coordination meeting with involvement of all
parties. Issues like purchase of equipment, financial and technical aspects were presented and
discussed among the participants. The project web-site was officially demonstrated.
The consortium sent its gratitude to the hosting institution and is getting ready for the upcoming event
in UCLL, Belgium for the workshop.

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