Local meeting was organized within INCLUSION project in Yerevan on May 7. Hosted by AUA, the Armenian members of the consortium gathered to discuss the main principles of national guideline and institutional master plans for inclusive higher professional education.

The representatives from Ministry of Education and Science of RA and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA made presentations on the legislative part of inclusive education in Armenia. They introduced the main documentation connected to the rights of students from vulnerable groups; such as disabled students, students having health problems, students of soldiers, parentless students and so on. The legislation should be the basis for institutional master plans of the universities. UNISON NGO, whose main aim is to support people with disabilities in promoting their human rights, made comments on what can be included in the master plans.

The Armenian part of the consortium shared with other colleagues the information and best practice gained during the study visit in London. They discussed the ways to adopt some approaches of inclusiveness of higher education from Roehampton University.

INCLUSION team finalized their activities to be done up to the next meeting, which will be held in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 10-11. During the two- day conference the universities will represent the final drafts on master plans.

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