University of Travnik hosted the members of INCLUSION consortium for a two- day dessemination meeting, held in May 10-11. The consortium members gathered at Travnik University to discuss the activities implemented connected to the inclusive higher professsional education.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the master plans of partner country universities. The Armenian and Bosnian universities represented their master plans for inclusive higher education at their institutions. The master plans were discussed with the European and Armenian partners and received feedback for further improvements.

During the dissemination meeting the Armenian and Bosnian stakeholders of INCLUSION project had a fruitful debate on the current issues of inclusiveness in terms of higher education.  The NGOs and ministries of both sides participated in the discussion and expressed their aspect for making higher education much more inclusive.

The dissemination meeting at University of Travnik was concluded with a coordination meeting from the management team. Being the project coordinating institution, State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia had a  short presentation on financial and technical issues of INCLUSION project.

The consortium finalised their activities to be done up to the next meeting in Leuven, Belgium. The final institutional plans of the partner country universities will be presented during the next training, held in June 27-29.

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